10 thoughts on how to choreograph a space

First fill in the blanks as you please.

Then dance the choreography through as it would be a map for your research. Cherish your imagination and follow your intuitions when it comes to the movement. Repeat or skip any parts you wish to. Take liberties to stick with it or change it completely. 

Let a camera be your witness.

1. Look for _________________ 

2. Hide from _________________

3. Camouflage into _________________

4. Separate yourself from _________________

5. Sit with _________________

6. Fit yourself into _________________ and break from it

7. Change a perspective to _________________

8. Do something routinary in a completely new way. Make it _________________

9. Become closer to _________________

10. Jump to a _________________

You can use the following words  if needed: 

pause, stillness, breath, shadow, fear, heart beat, body, bone structure, judgement, light, heavy, rigorous, idea, spacious, muscular, joints, life, death, limits, free, God, holy, wet, ego, atoms, veins, electric, short, wall, reflection

Inka Pohjonen

Dancer / dance maker & cultural producer

Kamppi, Helsinki