What Homepage project?

Homepage project is about rethinking the concept of home. It is about asking what does home mean for artists? How can we relate to our physical surroundings through artistic process? Homepage project invites artists and creative professionals, as well as students, to document the merging of private and public, work and leisure, all within the same walls. Has the current situation altered your relationship with your home? Has staying indoors forced you to rethink how to practice your profession? What kind of possibilities a limited space offers for your artistic practice?

Document your research in snapshots, pictures, gifs or short video clips and send the selection of 5-10 pictures to info@homepage-project.com by the end of May. We curate a selection of the documentation received and feature the chosen artists on Homepage. Featured artists get financial compensation for their work.

How does it work?

1. Stay home

2. Document your relationship as an artist to your physical space, if you wish to find some inspiration on how to do so, visit Homework -page. It's freestyle, have fun with it, play.

3. The open call for Homepage project is 11.-31.5. Send us from 5 to 10 photos or video clips of your research until the end of May to info@homepage-project.com ! / THE OPEN CALL HAS ENDED

4. We make a curatorial process to get you featured.

5. Get your compensation of 50€ or 100 €.

Who can take part?

You should consider yourself an artist, creative professional or somebody on a path to become one. We do not care about your diploma or qualifications, you decide weather you fit this criteria or not. We are looking for creative thinking rather than an impressive CV. There is absolutely no need to be a professional photographer to take part. You're good to go if you know how to press that big button on your phone. 

You should be based in Helsinki or have a relationship to the city. We ask to explain this connection for people based somewhere else wanting to get featured. This is due to the funding of Homepage project.

What camera should I use?

Frankly darling, your choice. Just take the photos. Webcam, polaroids, gifs, boomerang, photoshopped or not, just do your thing. 

Should I write a text about my research?

No. Just send the documentation and your contact details.

Should the documentation take place during the spring of 2020?

Yes. The photos can be taken in various different days, weeks and months. No need to do it in one go, but also why not to take all the shots at once!

How do you choose who gets featured?

We are looking for creative thinking, realness and new perspectives. Different artistic practices are appreciated. Anything from writing poems to drag performance goes. Artists from various locations within Helsinki and somewhere else with a relationship to the city are in the interest of ours. 

Are there any rules?

No dic pics. 

Send only photos and videoclips you have taken yourself. 

If other people are showing in your photos ask for their permission, don't be a jerk. 

When is the deadline?

You have from 11th till 31st of May to document your research and send it to us. We publish the chosen artists and pay for their work shortly after, during the month of June. 

Who should I contact if I am interested in using the photos featured on Homepage?

Always contact directly the artist if interested in buying, sharing or using the featured work! Homepage project nor the city of Helsinki do not own the rights for the photos featured on Homepage. If the artist chose not to share personal contact information on Homepage, you can email us and we'll forwards your message to the artist. 

Who is behind the project?

Inka and Diego, hi! 

We are both working on creative fields; Inka is a dancer and a cultural producer, Diego is an architect and a photographer. Current interest of documenting homes was discovered through the common element of space in the work of both. As we are social distancing in two different cities there is a lot of space in between to create and work together on reconceptualising the topic of home.

Homepage project is financially supported by the City of Helsinki.

Thank you City of Helsinki for helping us to support artists!