OPEN CALL has ended! / The open call for Homepage project is 11.-31.5. 

1. Stay at home and play with your creativity. Let the following questions be the start for your research:

What does home mean for you as an artist?

How can you relate to your physical surroundings through art? 

Has the current situation altered your relationship with your home? 

Has staying indoors forced you to rethink how to practice your profession?

What kind of possibilities a limited space creates for your artistic practice?

2. Document your research in snapshots, pictures, gifs or short video clips and send the selection of 5-10 pictures to by the end of May. No need to add text or captions for the research, it won't be published anyways. 

Send the following information with the documentation:

- Your name or your artistic name

- Location in Helsinki (district) or your relation to the city (for example: "greatest inspiration for my work" or "Studied in Helsinki")

- Your artistic discipline

- Your portfolio / website (optional)

This information will be published with your documentation if you get featured. Once we decide on which artists get featured on the Homepage we will contact you regarding the compensation, for this we ask you to provide an IBAN account number. 

3. We curate a selection of the documentation received and feature the chosen artists on Homepage. Featured artists get financial compensation for publishing of their work as follows:

5 photos published on Homepage = 50 €

10 photos published on Homepage = 100 €

The publishing fee payed for the featured artists is tax free! 

Homepage project nor the city of Helsinki do not own the rights for the photos featured on Homepage. We function as a platform that presents and collects artists ideas on the concept of home, you can think of it as an non profit online art gallery - we present the work, every artist featured owns their work. Always contact directly the artist if interested in buying, sharing or using the featured work! 

4. Featured artists get published in the beginning of June 2020. 

Homepage is an online platform that is open for viewers for one year (until May 2021). 


No dic pics.

Send only photos and videoclips you have taken yourself.

If other people are showing in your photos ask for their permission, don't be a jerk.